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French love for Nepali children

KATHMANDU, SEP 20 - They say no happiness compares to the woman's who has just given birth. The mother, it is said, even forgets the severe labour pain at the first sound of her baby.

The three sets of adoptive parents from France must have experienced something similar when their adoption requests were finally granted after a long and arduous process.

It was not only the adoptive parents who were in a mood to celebrate. Even the French Ambassador to Nepal was caught up in the moment.

“No words can express my happiness at being able to adopt a Nepali child,” said the adoptive couple of Beatrice and Adrien Piriou cuddling their new child.

The couple had to wait for almost seven years to complete the adoption process, which was recently completed.

The couple were desperate to bring the girl home after they were shown their prospective daughter's photo. “We thought about her all the time. But we could only wait,” said Piriou, who has no biological child.

The adoptive parents await final approval from the recommendation committee under the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare (MWCSW) to take their daughter home.

Similarly, for the couple of Gaimard Celine and Jean Pierre, who already have an adopted son, the long wait for a daughter was painful. Thankfully, the long days will soon be a thing of the past.

The adoptive parents are desperate to take their daughters back to their home country.

The two couple said their fondness for Nepal's unique culture and tradition made them apply for Nepali children.  Jean Pierre said the couple would love to visit Nepal with their daughter some day.

All adoptive French parents expressed their commitment to providing good education, love and care to Nepali children. Do they have any preference about how their children should grow up?

“No. It is crucial that children be given complete freedom to choose their own field,” said Pierre.

In a recent gathering of adoptive parents and other French dignitaries, French Ambassador to Nepal thanked all the concerned authorities who played their parts in making the adoption process successful.

“It is a great moment for us,” shared French ambassador Gilles Henry Garrault. He hoped that concerned departments would decide on other dossiers of French nationals regarding inter-country adoption.

In recent days, MWCSW had handed over seven children to foreign parents, including three to French parents, after seven months of adoption process.

The adoption process was halted for over a year and a half owing to loopholes in the process. The government resumed inter-country adoption with new terms and condition in January. Over 350 foreign parents have applied for adoption of Nepali children. 


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